Nick Yonge


Nick Yonge makes games. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

(It's pronounced "young", by the way.)

He's the founder of krangGAMES Inc., an independent gamedev studio founded in December 2010.
From 2010 through to 2014, krangGAMES focused on making online games with the Flash platform.
Currently, Nick focuses on PC, Mac, and console development with the Unity3D game engine.

Nick's games have seen a wide array of critical acclaim and success. His game i saw her across the world
won Best Social/Casual Game in the 2014 Canadian Videogame Awards, among other nominations.
Its predecessor, i saw her standing there, was also a finalist in the CVAs, and has been played online
over seven million times. It's now being remade for PC, Mac and consoles.

Collectively, Nick's games have been downloaded well over thirty million times.

Nick thoroughly enjoys cooking food, craft beer, and warm fireplaces. He thinks space is super neat,
and has a huge crush on Col. Chris Hadfield.


In Progress, Sci-Fi, PC/Mac/Console

Emerald is an atmospheric, story-driven adventure game, funded via Kickstarter.
You must repair your damaged Ship in the zero-gravity drift of space.

i saw her standing there (2015)
In Progress, Comedy, PC/Mac/Console

i saw her standing there is the reprise of the 2012 original, remade as a full-length game.
You and your lover, a pair of gentle zombies, travel the world, make friends and seek adventure.
Along the way you hang out with aliens, eat countless pancakes, and a piano falls on you.

i saw her across the world
2014, Adventure, Web
Winner, Best Social/Casual Game, 2014 Canadian Videogame Awards
Play Online

The third and final game of the original i saw her trilogy (the second being i saw her too, with lasers.)
You and your darling are both zombies now, and have escaped from the laser laboratory.
Explore the world in a continent-spanning game of tag as you discover what you truly desire.

i saw her standing there (Original)
2012, Romance, Web
Finalist, Best Social/Casual Game, 2013 Canadian Videogame Awards
Play Online

The original i saw her standing there is a small (but critically acclaimed) online Flash game.
Your darling became a zombie, but your feelings remain. A touching story about love, death, and pancakes.

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Twitter: @nickyonge

i love you.